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"Providing food, hope, dignity,

and a pathway out of poverty!"

     The Empowerment Center is the social service arm of El Shaddai Christian Ministries (ESCM), serving the South Puget Sound Area for more than twelve (12) years through Food Distribution, employment training and development for the needy; whose mission is empowering people to achieve their greatest potential and highest quality of life.

​     The primary focus of the Center since 2003 has been to wage war against hunger.  At full funding we have the capacity to divert good wholesome food away from sanitary landfill to the table of more than 700 families per week through our food distribution network which also include distribution to other nonprofit organizations throughout the region.The Center is financed solely through donations we receive from individuals and organizations. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductible.

With just $5 we are able to give food to a family of 5 for 5 days

(the 5X5X5 plan).


     The Center currently operates six (6) days per week using modest vehicles. Volunteer drivers make many trips each week to pick up donations and deliver them to the plant. This courageous effort would not be possible without the generous contributions of local grocery stores and warehouses which donate food they can no longer sell, but still appropriate for human consumption. Presently we are receiving large weekly donations of rejected and damaged freight which has greatly increased thr food supply that we have to distribute.  The Center is able to utilize these resources to provide food people rely upon that would otherwise go to the landfill or become compost; and distributed approximately 288 tons of food in 2015.

     The Empowerment Center is totally staffed by volunteers who gain valuable work experience, job coaching and in some cases social services when needed. We are constantly in need of volunteers, since many of our volunteers are empowered with employment as a result of their service and job training/coaching.   Total volunteer hours for 2015 reached 17,048.  To find out more about positions click on volunteers needed to the left or email Mama Lee at

The specific services that the Center provides include: ​

Internal Distribution to needy families in Tacoma Pierce County through our in house food bank with the objective of providing food, encouragement, hope and a vehicle for upward mobility.

Skills training and employment enhancement opportunities that guides unemployed and underemployed individuals on a path towards their highest potential. This is accomplished through on the job training as volunteer staff operate key positions in the food distribution process. These individuals are trained in warehouse skills to include: shipping and receiving, transportation, inventory, freezer/cooler management, merchandising, stocking, food handling, customer service, data collection, data entry, and maintenance.

Job search assistance which include resume’ development, job search technique, application completion, and interview procedures. A key element of this component is teaching successful work ethics and job retention skills.  In 2015, eighty five indivuals either acquired jobs or upgraded in employment.

Supportive services to volunteers with one-on-one mentoring and coaching including assistance in pursuing higher education, developing critical life skills for success in the 21st Century and providing them with information and referral to and support in navigating other agencies with resources that are needed. In addition, they are given opportunities for the enhancement of their quality of life through a variety of extra curricula, fun and exciting events for them and their families.

External distribution to other non-profit organization with the same mission of giving a hand out and a hand up which include: Senior citizen feeding sites, daycare centers, services to shut-in disable veterans, feeding programs, transitional homes, food banks, street ministries, youth programs and special community events. Over the years many of our partners have developed into independent operations duplicating our food distribution system in their local communities.

The Holiday Giving Program serves the neediest families in targeted public schools providing them with an elaborate Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner Meal that includes everything for a holiday weekend.  In 2015, we distributed 1,427 holiday meals to needy families personally and through our distribution network.

To donate via mail: 

(please make your checks payable to EL Shaddai Christian Ministries) 

P.O. Box 8357 

Tacoma‎ WA‎ 98419

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