Winning the War Against Hunger Project




Through WWAHP, The Empowerment Center has been waging war against hunger for more than 12 years with a 100% volunteer grassroots frontline movement to divert good wholesome food from the sanitary landfill to the tables of hungry people throughout the region. PLEASE JOIN OUR FORCES AND ENLIST IN THE WAR AGAINST HUNGER NOW!




Our mission is to win the war against hunger by reducing the number of hungry children and starving individuals who struggle with hunger. Each year the need is intensifying. Currently, 1 in 5 children live in homes that struggle with hunger in Washington State, which decreased from 1 in 6 at the end of 2012. Currently, 1 in 7 seniors face hunger and 1 in 6 individuals rely on SNAPS (Food Stamps) which funding has been decreased.

The need for food is critical now and threatening to become more intensely severe without aggressive action, since JBLM has announced a plan to downsize by 1,200 troops and civilian personnel.



WWAHP is totally funded by donations from individuals and our partner nonprofit organizations who receive food donations for their feeding programs. At full funding we have the capacity to divert good wholesome food away from the sanitary landfill to the table of more than 700 families per week through our network of community based nonprofit organizations.



Currently we are operating at less than 50% of our capacity, but in position to provide more food to more starving children and individuals. But we need your help. To maintain our current level of intervention and expand to meet the rapidly growing need for food, we need your financial support. NO CONTRIBUTION IS TOO SMALL AND ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.


To donate via mail:

(please make your checks payable to EL Shaddai Christian Ministries)

P.O. Box 8357 

Tacoma‎ WA‎ 98419


Click the donate now button below and you will be taken to a secured website where you can join the war against hunger. 

Donations from allies are vital to our ability to continue to feed the hungry and wipe out hunger. To become an ally, please click the become an ally button below to be taken to a secured site, where you can sign up to become a monthly contributor and join us in the fight against hunger.