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"Transforming and restoring individuals through ACCEPTANCE, LOVE, AND EMPOWERMENT
Leading them in a relationship with Jesus Christ"

El Shaddai Christian Ministries (ESCM), also known as The Empowerment Center has determined that the following goals must be met if we are to achieve our vision

EVANGELISM:  Implement and maintain a comprehensive evangelistic program, aggressively pursuing souls for the Kingdom of God.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING:  provide strong Biblical based Christian Education, and leadership development and training that leads members to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and rightly dividing the Word of Truth. 

ACCEPTING AND NURTURING:  Remain a caring, nurturing, loving, church family embracing and accepting new comers, beginning with the leadership and extending throughout the church family.

EMPOWERING:  Function as a body of believers who are watchful, ready to edify and sensitive to the needs of the people in the church family and community.

SERVANTHOOD:  Continue as a cohesive group of loving, caring people who embrace every opportunity to serve, encourage, and motivate fellow members and the community with enthusiasm, joy and sincere commitment; being responsive to their spiritual and physical needs.

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